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Co-working, the perfect solution to start a business in Mauritius

by Pamela Marie

Mauritius is known as an entrepreneur-friendly country and continues to attract foreign investors who are looking to start up a business or professional activity. Collaborative workspaces represent a cost-effective and flexible solution for many of them, especially self-employed workers and start-ups.

“Practically unknown a few years ago, co-working has become a global phenomenon,” according to the “New Flexible Offices” report published in February 2018 by the international property consulting firm, Jones Lang LaSalle.

The first co-working spaces were created in 2005 in Silicon Valley, in the United States and they have started popping up in Mauritius in the last few years. They are complementary to traditional office property and provide an affordable alternative for clients whose needs generally differ from those of already well-established businesses. These connected spaces initially accommodated self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers and nascent businesses, but now attract a broader customer base.

Using co-working spaces for networking

Mauritius now more than ever plays a strategic role as a key economic platform between Africa, Europe and Asia. In order to attract the talent required to remain competitive, the country has opened its borders to self-employed entrepreneurs, who can now apply for a work permit. Once issued a permit, it is important for them to develop and maintain strong professional relationships.

A major benefit of co-working spaces is that they allow entrepreneurs to build such a network. Shared workspaces like La Turbine and The Hive in Moka help create opportunities for business and new partnerships.

Ideal location in the heart of the island

Ideally situated in the heart of the Moka Smart City (Vivéa Business Park), La Turbine is a start-up accelerator-incubator that provides access to a fantastic co-working space, an extensive network of professionals, tailored support, funding opportunities and free workshops on how to make a project successful. La Turbine offers a wide range of co-working solutions to suit everyone’s needs. Tenants also have access to all the services available at Vivéa Business Park, including the Ti Pouce nursery and the new cafeteria at The Pod, as well as a network of 1,500 people working in the business park!

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The Hive is a co-working space provider with head office in Saint Pierre and branches in Tamarin, Curepipe and Port Louis. These shared workspaces have meeting rooms, conference rooms and private offices. They offer the perfect solution for self-employed workers who want adopt a new way of working, improve their efficiency and connect with other self-employed entrepreneurs.

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The climate, setting, accessibility and economic vitality of the centre of the island, including the Moka Smart City, make it an ideal place to set up a business. Working in Mauritius also means living on the island!

Other co-working spaces around the island

Other co-working spaces are also available across the island, including Coworking and Lakaz d’Art in Port Louis, The Ground in Cassis, French Hub in Grand Bay and Le Workshop in Port Louis and Beau Plan.

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