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La Balise Marina: An amazing playground for adventures

by Pamela Marie

For ocean lover and extreme swimmer Lilian Eymeric, La Balise Marina combines the best of two worlds – land and sea. The only residential marina of Mauritius, nestled in the sought-after village of Black River, is a sensational adventure playground for him.

The only residential marina on the island

Mauritius, a wonderful destination to settle in

This small paradise was for him an opportunity to embrace a new lifestyle and live in harmony with nature and sea. Always ready to take on a new challenge, Lilian is best known for his 236 km swim from Mauritius to Reunion Island in 2017, as part of a fundraising campaign for the T1 Diams association that supports children with diabetes. Defying the many dangers: sharks, rough seas, and fatigue that comes with continuous swimming for two days without stopping at the risk of drowning or not being able to set off again – Lilian surpassed himself and saw this challenge through to the very end.

A weekend getaway, immersed in the unparalleled universe of La Balise Marina, allowed Lilian to discover a whole new facet of the West Coast. The marina offers the promise of a lifestyle perfectly in sync with nature, day after day, from sunrise to sunset.

An amazing lifestyle awaits at La Balise Marina

Buy 2-3 bedrooms apartments at La Balise Marina

The residences, featuring private and common swimming pools, pleasant living areas, spacious rooms and tropical gardens, are true havens of peace for La Balise Marina owners! The garden leading to private pontoons overlooking the sparkling blue waters of the ocean making the call to adventure hard to resist! Let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves, feel the gentle sea breeze on your skin in the comfort of your terrace, gaze at the beauty of the turquoise lagoon…

A wide range of high-end facilities are at your disposal within the resort: a spa offering exclusive treatment packages, a fitness room with professional coaches and state-of-the-art equipment, a club house in an idyllic setting that offers a plethora of choices from seafood cuisine to colourful cocktails and a 325m2 infinity pool.

Every day is an adventure on the West Coast

Early birds sail off to fish in deep waters or explore the green tracks of the Black River Gorges, or else, like Lilian, swim with friendly dolphins. Nearby beaches such as La Preneuse, Tamarin Bay or Le Morne, among others, are popular spots for get-togethers with families and friends. Idleness lovers laze around under filao trees while surfers try to catch waves as far as the eye can see. Swimming is a refreshing activity for all and yet assiduous for skilled swimmers such as Lilian who never tires from the call of the sea.

Isn’t life sweet in Mauritius?

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