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Mauritius, the perfect setting for retirement

by Pamela Marie

The more we advance on the path of life, the more we desire for a certain quality of life, peace and quiet…

Beyond the undeniable natural, cultural and social assets that have made Mauritius a very popular tourist destination, the island offers great benefits for a happy and fulfilling retirement.

A pleasant weather all year round, lush nature, an enviable quality of life, warm and friendly people… Mauritius is often listed among the dream destinations for a comfortable retirement and is the perfect example of harmonious cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.

The island has everything you need for retirement in paradise!

The advantages of living in Mauritius

Choosing to live in Mauritius will give you access to multiple benefits, including very affordable living, risk-free investment, tax treaties with 43 countries to avoid double taxation of income, an advantageous tax system, adequate air access and a healthcare system that meets international standards.

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How to benefit from these advantages?

To enjoy all these benefits, you can choose between buying property governed by a well-established legal framework which automatically entitles you to residence (under certain conditions) or applying for a residence permit as a retired non-citizen. You will find some further explanation below:

As a retired non-citizen

As a retired non-citizen, you may apply from the age of 50 years for a renewable 10-year residence permit or an Occupation Permit for a maximum period of three years. Your spouse and children under 24 years of age are also eligible to apply for a residence permit.

Children education in Mauritius

Through property investment in Mauritius

Property investment in Mauritius is a great way to combine business with pleasure. It ensures a safe investment in a stable and welcoming country with a thriving economy, a business-friendly environment and attractive tax benefits.

You will also automatically qualify for a residence permit in Mauritius upon purchasing a property with a minimum value of USD500,000 under one of the various schemes that are open to foreign buyers or an apartment in a condominium development of at least two levels above ground. The permit is valid for as long as you hold the property. Another option is to buy shares in high-end retirement accommodation, mostly run by renowned international operators.

What is the procedure for applying for a residence permit?

You may apply for a residence permit if you are a non-citizen of Mauritius aged 50 years or more. You must make an initial transfer of at least USD30,000 to your local bank when first settling in the country. You must also undertake to transfer at least USD2,500 every month or USD30,000 annually to your bank account in Mauritius with evidence of transfer. For your application to be entertained, you should request a tourist visa for a minimum period of one month on arrival in the country. Your dependents must also hold a tourist visa for the processing of their application and are entitled to a residence permit valid for the same period as yours.

You must submit your application to the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) with the following original documents:

  • The application form filled by the main applicant. Common-law partners and children over the age of 18 should also fill in a separate application form.
  • Your passport with the bio-data and last entry visa pages.
  • Your birth certificate (family record books are not accepted).
  • Your marriage/cohabitation certificate or divorce certificate, if applicable.
  • Four identical colour passport-size photographs of 3.5cm x 4.5cm (less than six months old).
  • A medical certificate and a health assessment dated within the last six months. Children under the age of 12 will only have to submit a medical certificate.
  • The document certifying adoption should be submitted for legally adopted children, and a certified letter of consent from the biological parents for stepchildren.
  • A bank cheque of Rs5,000 payable to the Government of Mauritius per dependent.

What is the procedure for applying for an Occupation Permit?

A retired non-citizen holding a residence permit and his dependents are not allowed to work in Mauritius without an Occupation Permit. Moreover, you cannot be a majority shareholder or director in a company incorporated in Mauritius or repatriate abroad the funds transferred into Mauritius or any balance thereof, except in the event of cancellation of your residence permit.

There are two options for an Occupation Permit application, which can be made online on the Board of Investment website (https://op.investmauritius.com). The difference in the first case is that you can make an application without having to create a legal entity or transfer funds. After submitting your business plan, you will be issued with an Approval in Principle which will be valid for a period of 90 days, within which you will have to actually set up the company in the country and transfer funds as committed in the application form.

On submission of your application, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement email. The Occupation Permit Unit (OPU), in charge of processing permit applications, will send you an email to request for clarifications and documents in case of any missing information. Upon completion of the initial procedure, you must schedule an appointment with the OPU for validation of original documents, personal identification and payment of the applicable fees.

The following documents must be included with your application:


First Option Second Option
Online At the OPU Online At the OPU
Evidence of transfer of funds from abroad to your bank account in Mauritius
Morality certificate or criminal record covering the last ten years, issued within the last six months
Birth certificate (family record books are not accepted)
Marriage/cohabitation certificate or divorce certificate, if applicable
Passport with bio-data and last entry visa pages if you are already in Mauritius
Four identical colour passport-size photographs of 3.5cm x 4.5cm (less than six months old)
Signed undertaking
Medical certificate and health assessment dated within the last six months
Bank cheque drawn to the order of the Government of Mauritius

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